What we do


What WE DO

Financial Access Derivatives and Inclusion Services is an organization created out of  the need to provide innovative ways of partnering with financial services providers, government and non-government organisations passionate about bringing people into the financial system. More and more Nigerians will benefit from improved access to finance and financial services like education as well as financial products.

We set out to be a trusted partner to stakeholders involved in the provision of financial products and access and willing to extend these services and products to Nigerians who are not readily accessible. We pride ourselves to provide unrivalled services in working with our customers in the areas of agent network management, provision of technologies for financial inclusion as well as consultancy services. We have very knowledgeable and experienced consultants to offer world class services in these areas. We are very passionate about the five “Respects” enshrined in our customer values which is a significant motivation for our day to day activities.

Welcome to our world where financial access drive freedom from poverty and hunger.